Why the blog?

I’m curious.

Which countries rank the highest in education? Why do they get this ranking? Perhaps, more importantly what tools did they use to make this judgement? How do these rankings translate in the culture of the classroom?

Teachers tiptoe across the tightrope balancing the theoretical knowledge of research with its applications and fine-tuning the skill based practicalities of the job.

I’m on a treasure hunt to find the gold on this tightrope: What makes the greatest difference in education? What makes kids love learning and take responsibility for it? What makes them retain what they learn and have a lasting impact on them to become global citizens we can be proud of?

I’m a big believer in changing your place to change your perspective. So, as a result, I have uprooted to another country for a year to do exactly that, learn and observe. I’ll be looking for schools on the top ten (in Europe) to visit to see what nuggets of gold I can collect for my own practice as an educator.

Feel free to join me on the journey and contribute your two cents (or should I say two pennies) worth too.

So, why the blog?  Let me answer that with another question. Who doesn’t want a treasure chest of gold nuggets to admire (and apply)?

Why the blog?